Our feeding system

The sprinkling system provides the basis for a very simple solids feed via the screw press feeder. In the fermenter, a hydrolysis and acidification zone is created at the entry point. This creates a very advantageous storage bunker with fresh biomass in the fermenter. This enables very flexible feeding intervals of up to 3 days. From this storage zone, substances (organic acids) dissolved by sprinkling are distributed in the fermenter. This means that complex bunker and feeding technology is not necessary.

Screw press feeder (STS)

As feeding system we offer our self-developed stuffing screw in different dimensions. Our premise is to feed once a day directly into the fermenter. As fast as you bring the solids with the wheel loader, the screw transports them into the fermenter, a bunker is not necessary. This stuffing screw can cope with any input without previous crushing or preparation.

A very advantageous feature of the stuffing screw is the mashing of the feed, where fermentation substrate or fresh slurry is pumped into the stuffing screw and intensively mixed with the solids by the screw. This ensures that the solids already enter the fermenter in the form of a slurry. Of course, this very efficient feeding system is made of stainless steel.