Sprinkling nozzle

The central component of the Sauter Biogas System is the sprinkling nozzle (ESD). Depending on the diameter of the tank, one nozzle for approximately every ten meters of circumference is distributed in a circle from the outside to the tank, in each case together with a viewing window.

This allows us to reach almost the entire surface of the fermentation substrate in the tank with the irrigation jet. This patented system of sprinkling instead of stirring greatly reduce any problems with floating layers that many stirred systems have.

Sprinkling instead of stirring! is also the solution for repowering.

A look inside a “sprinkled” digester

"Sprinkled, not stirred!" - Here you can see the effect of the sprinkling jet inside the digester. The (patented) sprinkling system requires no mixers and no biomass storage bunker for the solids feeder. In addition, the system is suitable for a very wide range of feed materials.