Our unique System

Sprinkled, not stirred!

Controlled by a pump system and jets, liquid substrate is sprinkled onto the substrate surface and then extracted again from the bottom of the digester. This process instead of traditional mixing ensures that different stages of the digestion process take place in different zones within the digester and different sprinkler intensities within the zones ensure a controlled digestion process. Active and not completely homogenised biomass particles predominantly sit at the top of the digester and the substrate discharged from the lower area is almost completely digested. This enables optimal gas yields to be achieved.

Biomass bunker in the digester

In addition, the Sauter Biogas System provides the basis for a very simple solids input unit using a feeding pit or screw feeder and a hydrolysis and acidogenesis zone that is created around the feeding unit. Consequently, a reservoir of fresh biomass builds up in the digester, which allows for fl exible feeding intervals of up to three days. From this reservoir, organic acids, which have been generated through the sprinkling process, are distributed in the digester eliminating the need for expensive bunker and sprinkler technology.